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GitHub User: gerry3

Site: http://gerrycardinal.com

Comments by Gerry Cardinal III


What are the performance concerns with using Squeel?

We recently removed Metawhere from our Rails 3.0.x app and our specs complete around 5X faster.


Does loading the QC functions once with a migration work for dev environments? We have it set up so we drop and reload them around db:schema:load and load them after db:test:load.

We are working to add support to allow symbols in job params (e.g. hash keys or values) when enqueuing jobs in QC (by turning them into strings before encoding with OkJSON).

We have a queue for sending emails, so we'll have to investigate using workers that aren't running the full environment for those to save memory. Great idea.

One thing to watch out for when using QC (or any background job manager) with Rails is jobs enqueued from after_create / after_save callbacks that use the new record. We've found that you must use after_commit instead to ensure that the record has been committed to the DB before the worker tries to find it by ID.


We use foreman with passenger (standalone) as our web server (in dev). Only problem is that you have to manually stop passenger after stopping foreman.