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GitHub User: ogtfaber

Site: http://www.iistudio.nl

Comments by Onno Faber


Great suggestion - did not know about this. You can also change the settings to use spring, by just prepending the rspec command with it...


Thanks - good tips. So far I've been using "spin, combined with the kicker gem for autotests:

Seems though Zeus and Spring are even easier to use.


Ok, for anyone interested, i got it working now. It cannot find the fingerprinted stylesheet in production (don't know why), so i'm setting the tag manually to point to the non-fingerprinted file.


Does not seem to work in production like this (I'm precompiling the assets).


Anyone knows how to keep the redis process alive? I'm using Deamon Controller for a sphinx server, but have to say that I'm running into a lot of small problems (eg. using Capistrano to deploy the code).

I'm not deploying to Heroku right now (we're in Europe), so still need to figure this out myself. :)