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GitHub User: pupeno

Site: http://pupeno.com

Comments by J. Pablo Fern


When running tests, the block that sets the configuration for sorcery doesn't get run (I added puts "something" to make sure), so, while testing, sorcery uses username instead of email, because this line doesn't every run: user.username_attribute_name = :email.

Any ideas why or how to fix it?


Even if the JS and CSS is cached, the browser won't start parsing and interpret until your page shows the inclusion. If your page takes 10 seconds to load, that will take 10 seconds. If are using streaming, that happens right away.


To that, have a part of the page update with status, you'd use ajax and polling on HTML 4 and sockets on HTML 5 (comet?). Rails is not good at it.


I thought the idea of streaming wasn't to show the user a part of the page, but to have the browser start parsing and interpreting CSS and JavaScript while the server is still running that complex and heavy query.


Yeah, I'm getting the same. It means that we have no enable streaming per action with an explicit call. Looks ugly, I wonder if streaming is regarded as an exception.


When running the curl command I get this error:

curl: (56) Received problem 3 in the chunky parser

Anybody knows what's going on?