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GitHub User: arjes

Site: http://www.theaquariumwiki.com

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+1 I believe it is supposed to be based on the LINUX nice values



Any tips for testing with these gems?


I have a question about pagination on large sets, on the order of 100 million.

Both will_paginate and Kaminari count the records to count the number of pages that are necessary, and since I am using Postgres counts are god-awful slow.

I've hacked around it with a smart partial that will create an infinite paginator if the query will return over 5000 records (this number was chosen because 5000 can be counted quickly, and I feel confident that people won't browse through 5000 records without narrowing their search).

Anyone have any thoughts?


Excellent episode. Like Bruno asked, do you have any advice for dealing with user authentication for off-line apps.