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Can you report this as an issue on https://github.com/pry/pry/issues with an exact explanation of your problem ?


Looks like the pry-remote plugin may have been officially released now, try it and tell me if it's ok: https://github.com/mon-ouie/pry-remote


It's hackish because it is a hack :) it's just a quick solution provided by a contributor to a specific issue -- remote sessions will be officially supported in a future version, but for now, this hack is ok, right? :)

I'm sorry i can't help you with your testing issue as i don't use RSpec :(

goodluck and i hope you like pry :)


Hi, read the solution given in the following issue: https://github.com/pry/pry/issues/237

Let me know how you get on!


A few options at present:


Also you may be interested in:


Another thing i would like to do would be to bring ruby-debug commands into Pry itself, rather than having to use Pry from inside ruby-debug. This will be a task for the future (but should not be too difficult).


It should mostly work fine in 1.8.7 MRI and 1.8.7 RBX; i even backported Proc#source_location and Method#source_location so show-method and show-doc should work too, the only thing that doesnt work in 1.8.7 is source retrieval of methods defined inside the REPL; but it should be relatively rare you'd do this (i hope) :)


After editing the file in vim and exiting type load _file_ or reload-method Your#method_name to manually reload the file. (where _file_ is a special local representing the last file accessed by Pry)


you can set the environment variable $EDITOR in your shell instead and Pry will use that. Why do you want to avoid setting Pry.config.editor btw?