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I would also like to see the tdd in every episode. i also miss in every book and many aricles the tdd style to show also the test style. It looks for me like everybody claim to do testing but nobody show how he do this. For a beginner with rails and testing this would be a good starting point to digg into the secrets of testing.

As you write the test everybody see the what code you write next.

The argument the episode becomes too long is not accepted ;-).

You can speed up things if you not switch always to the test results and not explain what to do next because of the test fail. You should only give a litte space of the screen to the test green dots or error dots (and maybe the importent part of the test fail message). Then you just do write test and implememt code. The log from the specs are shown in the same time at a split screen and do not need explaination.