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I've been using Slicehost for a few years

this articles helped me a lot: articles.slicehost.com


Any tips on how to test the content of the pdf?


I haven't been able to use VCR in tests with :js => true (capybara + selenium)

The first time I run the test it passes and the cassette is recorded.

However, when I use the cassette, the test fails with Unregistered request:

POST with body '{"url":"http://subdomain.myapp.com/settings"}'

The url is different every time.

I'm using nginx locally so I can use ssl, *.myapp.com is going to, I've set Capybara server_port to on 3000 and Capybara.app_host = "subdomain.myapp.com". Is that what's messing things up?


Same problem here. Have you figured this out?


I'm not getting the port number in the url when firefox launches (only Do I have to specify the port somewhere?