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I think I may be having the same problem. However, I'm not sure, because when I use:


it works just fine. But, when I use:


it gives the ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributes exception.


I use jqPlot in a project at work and so far I like it. It does have somethings which may be hard to implement. However you can use the gem I wrote plot simple(documentation) to get around this.


Got mine from Cheap SSLs. I'm using Apache because the Ubuntu installations I've worked with have already had it ore-installed. My app is Rails 3.2 so all I did was put a config.force_ssl = true into my production.rb file.


Not so fun for Windows using MySQL2. Version compiled for Windows breaks in 3.1 and latest version seems to have problems compiling as it is looking for a Makefile, which Windows does not use.


I think it is the same, edit apache's port for the virtual host if you want :3000, port :80 is just the main port so use without a port and it should go if it is not blocked by a firewall.


Passenger does not work for Windows, Phusion says it will be unefficient and give a bad name to both them and rails. There are no plans to port to Windows, so people like me, are stuck with a Mongrel cluster. But, if anyone needs to know where Windows host files are, they are: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and the files you edit are hosts and imhosts.sam. Linux supports it, so I would consider a dual-boot but the new version of Ubuntu seems to always screw up my Windows partition.