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GitHub User: bf4

Site: http://benjaminfleischer.com

Comments by Benjamin Fleischer


ActiveAdmin helped us get up and running quickly, but once we had use cases outside of very simple CRUD, it became nightmarish.

  • You can't inherit pages e.g. for an STI parent class
  • There's no obvious base application controller
  • Having everything in the app/admin/foos.rb quickly makes the file huge. Would love some separation of concerns
  • Its conventions are so different from rails
  • It's pretty hard to customize. It requires a lot of reading source code and hacking
  • It overwrites any existing login/logout routes you have

Do read this: http://staal.io/blog/2013/02/26/mastering-activeadmin/

I did try rails_admin first because it seemed more customizable but it didn't have all the features I wanted


I'm the new maintainer of metric_fu and it should work now on ruby 1.9 without any problems. See configuration instructions at https://github.com/metricfu/metric_fu which include how you can have metric_fu load external coverage output (e.g. using simplecov)

Rcov on ruby 1.9 segfaults and fails a lot, so running it is disabled by default and the gem is no longer included as a dependency. However, you may still config it to run or load coverage stats you've already generated

Also, it works from the command-line now. Now need to bundle it or run rake or metrical


I've revived the MetricFu project if you'd like to try the newest version and submit any issues there. Under active development.