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Comments by Bruno Bonamin


Rails can be used as more than a full application framework but also to serve JSON apis to be consumed by different "views" that might not be even in the same app.

These other different "views" could be other Rails apps, Clientside javascript frameworks within your own app, iOS/Android apps, etc.

To consume APIs from your Rails app you would use something like ActiveResource http://railscasts.com/episodes/94-activeresource-basics, https://github.com/rails/activeresource


Thanks Ryan for this really cool episode. I'm currently working on a side project and I'm committed to full TDD so I'm not allowing myself to add any new code without a failing test first.

The only thing that in my opinion could be improved regarding your episode is the way that the hidden_announcement_ids are passed to the scope; in my opinion, it is not very intuitive. I would probably use a hash with the key {skip: []} or something, but that's just me.

Thanks again!


Hey Ryan, great episode. Have you tried capybara-webkit? How does PhantomJS compare to this gem? We've been using it extensively and it works pretty well.


Hey Ryan, how could we validate these virtual attributes? I can validate without any problems the id that these _name setters refer to, but I can't output the feedback on the form. How could I do that? Thank you.