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So for my use case would you recommend a VPS over something like Heroku or EngineYard?


Okay, so I'm developing a web app that's going to have around 600 users - creating about 1500 records a day.

After watching this I'm tempted to check out a VPS, but I've only got experience deploying with Heroku ( <- total n00b ).

For my use case, would you recommend a VPS (such as Linode) or Heroku?


Do you recommend anything like this that could be used for larger forms?
Something that doesn't send a request every time, but rather when you save the page?


That's just CSS. It's a background-image that floats in from the left using CSS3 Transitions!


I second this! I've spent hours trying to get it to deploy but keep generating errors! Something to do with SASS i think.

Did you come up with a solution?



I'd like to clean up the URLs generated by the searches, does anyone know how to do this?

At the moment I'm getting something like this:


If I'm using Nifty Authentication to handle Logins, Registrations, Logouts (etc) does anyone know how to make this work with jqTouch?

As it seems the AJAX form submitting is breaking the application, and when I click log in, it fades to a black background?