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GitHub User: ahmy

Site: http://ahmy.yulrizka.com

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I could find the documentation for :focus in guard-spec ? where did you find it ?


I used the spork and guard for many month now, but just realized there is :focus and "return" to run all spec.

usualy i have to modify cucumber.yml to add tags. and run all by pressing ctrl +

thanks ryan


I found that some error while testing with cucumber and fakeweb while you have @javascript tag on cucumber. It time out for some reason. Here is the issue https://github.com/chrisk/fakeweb/issues/25

here is my sollution http://ahmy.yulrizka.com/2011/08/cucumber-timeouterror-timeouterror-on-fakeweb/


I found out the

:require => false if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /darwin/i

get some trouble on heroku. It tries to install it even if it specified on group :test, :development. I commented it and it works fine


Thanks ryan,

I just start working on a project that require some categorization. Should see this rails cast last night. The subtree and arrange are what exactly I'm looking for.

I should use this insted of nested_set