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GitHub User: austinbv

Site: http://imaust.in

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@ryan how about using draper with gems like decent exposure. The easy way would be something like

expose(:user) { UserDecorator.find(params[:id])

how about a modified episode that show how by default to use decent exposure and Decorators.

Love the screen cast, they are my weekly dose of something awesome in the rails world.


@nathan le Ray you can pull from my github a modified version of albino that allows you to pass options to pygments. https://github.com/austinbv/albino. To use this version of albion in your gemfile just add

gem albino, :git => git://github.com/austinbv/albino.git

@ Everyone trying to to this on Heroku I know I am late but I set up a new appspot app that uses the new version of Pygments and wrote a little blog post about how to use it at http://iamaust.in/posts/3.

I hope this helps people, now you can colorize things like coffeescript and sass for your rails 3.1 apps