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it works after removing app/assets/javascripts/bootstrap.js.coffee, per kikouli's comment about popover.


great episode as always. Thank you!

I need some advice from you. Your example works great if all versions of the uploaded image have equal widths and heights (i.e. width == height). In many cases, photos have different width and height, e.g. 640x480. And sometimes it needs to be rotated, so that width is 480px and height is 640px. If I want to have a "normal" version with dimensions 640x480 if picture is landscape and 480x640 if it is a portrait; with another "thumb" version 180x135 landscape and 135x180 portrait. Could you give some advice on how to achieve that?


Ryan, thanks for all the screencasts. I found them very useful.

I have a question about tire/elasticsearch working with ActiveRecord. Your episode talked about using a filter to put constraints on the records. I was wondering if it was possible to combine tire/elasticsearch with scopes. E.g. in the show notes, instead of using a filter to filter out articles not yet published, would it be possible to use an activerecord scope on Article

scope :published, where("publish_date <= ?", Time.zone.now)