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Comments by Luis Alfredo Porras


I just installed the Rails 3.1.0.rc5 version and I found that the line:

config.active_record.identify_map = true

on application.rb has been removed, this must be cause that intruction was not working at all


Since Rails 3.1 comes with CoffeeScript installed we get the gem ExecJs Execj that "lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby" but you need to have a Javascript Runtime installed. ExecJs chooses the best runtime that we have.

You can install any of these runtimes:

  • therubyracer - Google V8 embedded within Ruby
  • therubyrhino - Mozilla Rhino embedded within JRuby
  • Johnson - Mozilla SpiderMonkey embedded within Ruby
  • Mustang - Mustang V8 embedded within Ruby
  • Node.js
  • Apple JavaScriptCore - Included with Mac OS X
  • Mozilla SpiderMonkey
  • Microsoft Windows Script Host (JScript)

I recommend to install TheRubyRacer or Johnson because are easy to install, You can install them with gems.