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Comments by Fayimora Femi-Balogun


Nice. A direct translation will be http://jsbin.com/ihuqoz/2/edit

It uses an EntriesController.


Very true and the frontpage says it all.

A framework for creating ambitious applications


Why use rails at this point?

This is RAILScasts. Playcasts might use the Play Framework and Nodecasts might use Node.js :smile:

... or having the coffeescript monitor a click, we have to go through this entirely different framework to accomplish a simple task ....

I think you are missing the point. Why will you use a framework just to handle clicks? This screen-cast demonstrates ember using a basic app. Anything too complex might get viewers confused. When building a fairly large application, Ember(and others) can come in really handy.

See this post by David Walsh


You can set the branch. To deploy from a branch called stage, I would do set :branch, "stage"


Depends on the problem. But in general yeah you should be looking at the logs. There is the server log and also production logs. I don't think you want to be looking at the development log when in a production environment.


A revised version of this episode would come in handy!


hey guys please what tmbundle or snippet allows you to type in 2 place at the same time...for instance when you open a p tag, if you change the opening tag to strong, the closing ta automatically changes too. He used something like that around 2:45 - 2:50