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+1 for destroyallsoftware

agree that is more complementing, though i would love to have more "true pro" episodes like this on railscasts!


And if you use fragment caching, you should highlight current page in menu using javascript.


If you are using foreman, you can put env vars in .env file. Also, there is a dotenv gem worth checking out


+1, but one can still learn from this approach even though its wrong


I can confirm the issue with last seconds too.

Here is another bug (on Chrome at least). If you navigate away from this comments page (by entering url) and then press browser "Back" button, you'll see raw HTML.


Nice one! Thanks Ryan.

I just wrote a blog post on how you can include "running time" in your logs: http://zogash.tumblr.com/post/21138929607/running-time-in-rails-logs


(rails >= 3.1.1) When precompiling assets, shouldn't rails include both hashed and non-hashed version of the images?


What could also speed up your process is to tell your specs to halt after first failure:

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.fail_fast = true

I noticed this one before.. just want to point out that you shoud use $ as argument, not global variable

jQuery ($) ->

or just simple before_create to set max+1 on position