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Comments by Alexander Zubkov


At the end search gives 3 same articles named "Batman", a bit strange.


This is because right now you need tens of things, so it is not hard to match one of them. If today Ryan released another topic, probably you would tell the same. :) No mystics.


Thanks! Really useful. Didn't know about it.


You could use something like Article.maximum(:updated_at) as a cache key to make it shorter.


Does it make sense to nest cache resources this way? Is it Rails so slow to render a template that you should waste more cache memory?


You suggest to remove this line:

config.fixture_path = "#{::Rails.root}/spec/fixtures"

But when I remove it, my tests hang at startup, I have to "kill -KILL", even I don't use fixtures at all. So I would not recommend to remove that line.