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Comments by Matt Hodan


Thanks for the great episode, but erg... I'm a little frustrated with the RailsCasts site.

I wrote a comment then cmd + clicked "Show Notes" to try to reference something in the show notes thinking it would pop open that page in a new browser window. Unfortunately, it didn't. When I tried to click back to get back to this page, I had lost my written-but-not-submitted comment. Can you either 1) make it so you can cmd + click "Show Notes" and open a new browser window with the show notes page or 2) make is so you can click back to return to this form without loosing the form data?

Here is my comment again, though I'm going to paraphrase this time:

I believe you can use Factory instead of FactoryGirl in factories.rb and your spec files. For example:

FactoryGirl.define :user { |f| f.name "Matt" }
Factory.create :user { |f| f.name "Matt" }


I prefer not to include Factory::Syntax::Methods in my spec_helper.rb, as I like to explicitly show that I'm using a factory to build/create objects. Just using create or build might be misinterpreted as ActiveRecord calls.


You've inspired me to give Unicorn a try. Quick question: Don't you need to run the following after you've created the /etc/init.d/unicorn symlink to unicorn_init.sh so that Unicorn automatically starts when the server is rebooted?

sudo /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f unicorn defaults

I found this to be the case for a production server I'm running on Ubuntu. Can't wait to see more episodes on deployment. Thanks!