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I figured it out. in my nginx.conf file, I didn't change "blog" to "myapp" in the upstream command - but i had done so in the second place in that file that needed editing. Thanks again, Ryan!!


The screencast adn everyone's comments have really helped me through setting up the server. I feel a lot better about server setup, now.

Everything is working great - went through the whole screencast - the only difference for me is that I'm using mysql. Mysql is installed properly, and upon deploy, running the db migrations works and results in the tables being created in the database. So I know it's connected properly.

However, when I go to one of the URLs for that scaffolding (for me it was /users), I'm getting a "we're sorry, something went wrong" error.

The routes work perfectly locally. Not sure what the issues is because MySQL seems to be working and connected based on the migrations?

If anyone has any suggestions (or pointers to help debug these server errors), i would very much appreciate them.