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the funny thing is browser and server are setting up secure keys during public negotiation, so hijacker just needs to listen from the begining of the session - he will have all the keys to see HTTPS traffic


and, back to parent post, imagine - i'm a hacker, and tryng to register existing email, it shows an error, so now i know valid email to attack.


I like episodes about gems much more: just a little piece of code, and great result. This time i didn't see that. Instead, we got 5 times more code to remember - that's hard for me. :)
Still, there's no need to show everything in things-from-scratch, it's complicated, boring, and will never be the same for other case.
In my opinion, for modern small website we should forget about registering user emails - only omniauth - it's fast, it's handy, but i don't know a simple way to get it up and running on rails yet. For example: devise + omniauth still requires me to know user email. I don't really need it. I'd love to come to website, press "Add comment" button, choose authentication provider, and that's it (just like on railscasts, btw)
Anyways, i'll come back here, to this Episode, whenever i will need authentication from scratch.