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Comments by Ernest Surudo


Great screencast, thanks Ryan!

One problem I'm having (perhaps someone here has had similar?) is that my tests run twice, using the provided Rake task.

Basically, my model tests run, then my helper tests, and then ALL my tests (duplicating the aforementioned model and helper tests).

Anyone know what's up? I'm by no means a Rake guru...


Those will only work in development environment, so there's no need to worry about that in production.


Engines are just a way to package up part of a rails app, and then use it in multiple projects (either your own, or open-source, etc.)

For example, let's say you made a nice e-commerce system. If you package it up as an engine, other people can simple mount it into their rails app (say at the "/store" path), and voila, they now have a store! Very elegant.


Thanks! Now, using this method I don't need to define a wrapper class in my application_helper.rb

However, how can I add (say) a CSS class to all forms generated with this form builder?

I tried overriding the "initialize" method and editing the options[:html] hash, but this got me nowhere.

Any ideas?