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Yes I did. May have commented below somewhere but this is a windows specific problem because it doesn't support agent-forwarding. If you need more help I wrote everything down, but in short:

  1. Make sure the postgresql database owner and password match the deployer username & password.

  2. Then, I also needed to add
    run "chmod +x #{release_path}/config/unicorn_init.sh"
    to the symlink_config, so it would remember it has permission.

  3. Set up the git repository on your vps, since again it won't forward from git.


Hi Ryan et al.

Here's hoping someone can help. After setting up my linode acct & deploying, a couple links did not work (production only). So I made a few changes, thinking it was a cancan incompatibility with to_params, and now none of the link_to's work. In the production log it looks like it's trying to serve up a request to another host:

Started POST "/slingads/index.php" for at 2013-02-08 16:50:22 -05
Error…500 error.
ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [POST] "/slingads/index.php"):
actionpack (3.2.11)

Do I have a security breach & how should I handle this? Would it be best to just dump the database and start over? Any advice is much appreciated.
PS) That ip address is for a company in HongKong!


11 months later...the answer to this question is capistrano (as well as some other applications) expects to find a database owned by a user of the same name 'deployer' (read that in the postgres documentation). I'm wondering if you happen to be developing in windows so won't be using agent-forwarding, and I suspect this is the root cause of permissions errors.

A perhaps related problem...I'm getting a permission-denied error when the capistrano task deploy:start/restart attempts to run. Anyone know why? Anyone still read these 11 months later?