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so I have that working for individual records and thanks for that. What if I want to delete all entries? Thoughts?

I tried this which seems straightforward but no joy:

$scope.clearEntries = ->
    angular.forEach $scope.entries, (entry) ->

Sweet. will take a look. thanks man!


or you can modify your environment config to not mangle the variables when minimizing. I modified the code to "do the right thing" and worked fine for me on Heroku. Happy to help.


Has anyone seen or created a solid example of using delete? Or even better, batch delete? Say I want to clear all entries in the example...I'm trying to use a simple call to a $scope.clearEntries function in my raffle.js.coffee file but doesn't seem to work.

Great kick off for Angular as always though, Ryan. Thanks again.


I followed instructions to the letter and the request doesn't get routed to the handlebars file it gets routed to index.html.erb. Maybe I'm just tired but this is frustrating. Anyone know why it would route to the application/index file and not application.handlebars?


Anyone else have this issue?:

undefined method `user_signed_in?' for #<#Class:0x007f146c06a3d8:0x007f146c067700>

I'm sure I've done something wrong but...what?