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I think, I have the same problem as Eran Kampf

Products.all when called from LocationsController::Location
=> MONGODB (0ms) db_development['products'].find({:_id=>BSON::ObjectId('4fb93d02c34cb976d5000004')}).limit(-1).sort([[:_id, :asc]])

Products.all when called from Api::V1::LocationsController::Location
=> MONGODB (0ms) db_development['products'].find({:_id=>BSON::ObjectId('4fb93d02c34cb976d5000004'), :_type=>{"$in"=>["Api::V1::ProductsController::Products"]}}).limit(-1).sort([[:_id, :asc]])

How to convert / remove "Api::V1::ProductsController::Products" ?


Trying to make it works with mongoid. It doesn't seems to work. Product is always empty. What am I doing wrong?

Anyone using mongoid ?


I just open a issue, about this problem when register with twitter, and then try to login with email and password.

BCrypt::Errors::InvalidHash in Devise/sessionsController#create
invalid hash

If someone have a idea ?