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GitHub User: zeltice

Site: http://www.ngc-portfolio.com

Comments by Glenn


Anyone having trouble when using better_errors with Puma, where when an exception is thrown or error occur we don't get any information back from server response?


Have you tried JS libraries that add media queries support to IE7 and IE8, like Respond.js?


Are there any gem that speeds up rspec/capybara testing under Windows (besides Spork)?


In order to formulate the proper cache key for some template so that we can check Memcached, does that not require 1+ DB calls (more for nested templates that use some db objects) to fetch the updated_at value on every request?

If so, doesn't this/these mandatory call(s) somewhat offset the performance benefits a bit?

If not, is it implied that cache_digests gem creates static HTML files specific for every call and somehow tag them w/ specific ETags (though this method yields no benefit for users viewing the page the first time)?