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Sorry, better use this:

<%= edit_password_reset_path(@user.password_reset_token, :locale => "#{I18n.locale}") %>

For anyone who is working with different locales (like Remmington above), make sure your mailer template looks something like this:

<%= edit_password_reset_path(@user, :locale => I18n.locale, :password_reset_token => @user.password_reset_token) %>

Especially when you have routes like these:

scope '(:locale)' do
  resources :password_resets

It took me ages to figure that out...


I like this one even more.

Why is CoffeeScript so popular these days?

I figured out how jQuery works and now I have to start over and learn Coffeescript :-(


Great tutorial, Ryan!

I was lucky enough to get this working on my machine.

The only problem I have is that the nested attributes are not saved to the database in the order in which I created them.

E.g. sometimes I create 3 answers at once, then click "Update" and the answers do appear on the form, but not in the correct order. I can't see any pattern in there, so I assume that they get saved to the database randomly.

Is there any way to fix this?