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Comments by Pierre Merlin


Thanks Ryan for this !
I notice a little "cheat" on the video at 2:02 : on your console
>>require "java"
=> true
become false at 2:06. That mean that you had an unexpected thing during recording the screencast. That's normal in the real life. And if a mistake is made by you, you can be sure that many of your followers (at least me ;-) ) will do the the same. So why not explain it ? Non working things teach us many (if we get explication).
I'd rather have the notice about a frequent issue/mistake. I tell this as feedback to improve your RailsCasts that are already awesome. I'm not complaining ;-)

I saw that because I've an issue with require 'java' that raise an error (No such file to load -- java) with normal Ruby and return false with Jruby... (and I'm trying to make my app work on both platforms.) Anyone can help me saying more about that commande please ? Thanks.

[EDIT] I realized that if I've a false return with jruby, that is because java is already loaded by my app as long I use the rails console. Indeed my app has a presenter that require java.
For you it might be different : the record in pause then you have written some more lines, made some try and rewrite first lines before restart record and as it was not the first time it was required, require 'java' return false this time... [/EDIT]


Thanks Ryan for that Railscast !
I also get troubles trying to make it work with cancan.
hackeron, did you manage to use the cancan_strong_parameters gem ?
I miss an enhanced doc on it ( You see what I mean ;-) )