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GitHub User: aghyad

Site: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aghyad

Comments by Aghyad Saleh


After creating a new migration, I always run:

$ rake db:migrate db:test:clone

which propagates any migrations to both development and test environments equally


Very nice. I have to mention that PDFKit is also used to generate pdf files from html strings as follows:

html = "< h1>pla pla pla< /h1>"
kit = PDFKit.new(html, :page_size => 'Letter')
pdf = kit.to_pdf
file = kit.to_file("path/to/pdf/with/pdf_name.pdf")

Note: this might throw an error of missing wkhtmltopdf even when you unstall wkhtmltopdf, and I found out that you still need to install ghostscript to you computer (mine is Mac 10.7.4).