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Ditto, And I'm using Rails 3.1.1. I'm guessing the Rspec folks are going to have to do something one their end. I also suspect that Ryan was aware of this when he filmed this one, because his preferred method for testing is Rspec and yet he didn't mention it in this cast.


seeds.rb has a major flaw. If my app "needs" the data to function, then my tests fail without it. The test environment automatically flushes this seed data. Sure, I could do everything twice and put the same data back in once the test environment loads, but I shouldn't have to. There has to be a way to tell rails to load my seeds after purging in preparation for testing rather than before. (It would be better if somehow rails would only purge the non-seed data, but now I'm just dreaming.)


Very useful. Now I just need to go back and look at your episode on adding your own custom gem to another app.