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A colleague recommended me the original episode almost five years ago. When Railscasts went pro, I immediately subscribed.

It's my way of saying - I'm not doing it for the new content, but rather to show my appreciation.

And as far as I'm concerned, Ryan may very well not post anything for one year, the existing content alone is well worth the monthly subscription.


In case anyone is wondering on how to use the custom builder by default:

ActionView::Base.default_form_builder = LabeledFormBuilder


Hi thanks for the screencast. I would also add a few things to the discussion.

The sphinx field_weights option sounds really nice in theory but will always return poor results. Google can be more explicit than my self, but it basically always returns the records with the most occurrences.

I'm also pretty sure that with a delta index (set_property :delta => true) the index is being updated on the fly. A standard reindex is still required however as such records have certain quirks (eg. can't be sorted properly).


I concur.

I find this to be a pretty nice proof of concept, but I'd rather skip JavaScript validation entirely than going down this route.


I was wondering wouldn't it be easier to just create a rake task (boot.rake)?

You can easily pass the environment type to your commands so you'll be able to use it on production / staging as well.