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HI Ryan,

Well done on this one. I followed all your steps and it worked like a charm.

NOTE: I did have to restart the server after modifying the development.rb file. Any others who run into any weird snags along the way, just restart your server before trying anything else.


Tip: I had to restart my rails server after I added the "require" lines to the CSS and javascript files. Rails was throwing an error that it could not find those files until I did this.


Ryan -

Love your screencasts but just a tip. Im a newbie and it seems like almost every screencast leaves out one or two small little details that are taken for granted. For example, I tried to setup a nested form here following your tutorial exactly and I couldn't get the nested fields to show up. After much research I learned that I needed to build the nested attribute within the parent's controller NEW action. Once I did this, the fields showed up. You do not show this anywhere on your notes or anything and I think steps like these are taken for granted. My recommendation is that your show notes should be completely thorough and should be a complete working representation of the code to make it work. You go through the process of starting a new app in this video (which I think could be taken for granted), but you leave this part out (which should not). Anyways, thought this would help...