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Hello, Ryan.

Five days ago I installed gmaps4rails gem and, since then, I'm very happy with it. So I feel compelled to testify about its easiness of use, specially with maps handling.

Just out of the box, gmaps4rails offers the ability to show a collection of items in a map, which, by the way, is also easy to set with a helper method.

I don't know if this "is" Google API or gmaps4rails, but the default map groups the items when you zoom out.

I believe that, by the default, geocoding happens after validations. And you can set your callback method.

So, Ryan, could you please make a screencast about gmaps4rails?


I wish I could delete the post right above. It was a bad typing problem.

But I have another problem, a real one this time: flash messages are not working properly. I'm using Devise and everything is ticking right about the user, but I'm experiencing some funny behavior. When I create a new resource that is accessible through a subdomain, at the main domain, and redirect right after to this new resource, the flash message persists until I go to the main domain.

Beyond that, other flash messages, like editing this resource, don't appear at all.

Any ideas? I'm using Rails 3.0.7 and did everything that our best buddy Ryan did.