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GitHub User: erwin16

Site: webdufour.com

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yes, but they don't even find my house ! GoogleMap does !


doesn't work when multiple paginates on the same page , even using different :param_name .... there is only one 'current_page' checked
need to be improved ...
I'll be back to will_paginate ....


just to add another issue using webrick in localhost dev..
when the buyer hit returns... Paypal send all information about the transaction...
Paypal returns a long GET URI , too long for standard webrick processing ....

we can add rm = 2 in the values passed to Paypal and get a POST returned but in this case it should be routed to a :post transaction create , and not to Product index as in the cast....


if you need to recreate the dev db , ( migrate / seed categories-products) it raises an issue :
the cart_id is used as the invoice_id , so it's already paid in the Sandbox ...
should it be better to generate the cart_id like the migration?
( based on Time_now + cart_id ) ??


Thanks a lot once again very clear
.. had to tweak a little bit the code to handle Rails3 [ version.current = 3.0.7 )
( get rid of deprecated code + link_to =post , changed to button_to )
running fine