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Yup. same problem for me regardless of how remember_me checkbox is checked. Permanently logged in even between browser launches unless explicitly signing out…


I like this but can't figure out how to override the duplicate validation errors when say the password field is left blank:

  • Password digest can't be blank
  • Password can't be blank

"Password digest" means NOTHING to a user. How can we suppress this first error when the validator is in Rails 3.1 source?


Figured it out...go into TextMate's Bundle Editor (???B). Click triangle to expand "CSS" in list on left. Select "Insert Color..." and add "source.scss, " to the Scope Selector field. So Scope Selector now reads: "source.css, source.scss, meta.tag string.quoted -source". Then Bundles>Bundle Editor>Reload Bundles. ??C will now bring up color picker in SCSS files as it did in CSS files before.


Playing around with Rails 3.1.rc1 and it seems as though identity_map has been removed?!? Can't seem to play around with it as ryan does in the beta1 railscast...even after adding config.active_record.identity_map = true to application.rb. Maybe I can jog it loose if I keep playing...


You can use Google's jQuery like this.

I'm sure there will be even easier ways popping up soon.