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I have been trying to model a similar domain, but the price has to be on the join table, since the price is not known until purchased (think auction). I have read every post on the internet pertaining to has_many through with additional attributes on the join table and I am still not getting it.

I forked the repo https://github.com/jamlevi/017-habtm-checkboxes-revised and added a new folder "store-move-price-to-join". I added views/categories & controllers/categories_controller.rb. Using rails 3.2.17.

I realize this page/thread are pretty old, but I am hoping somebody out there sees this and can help me out (plus the same question is unanswered from 2 years ago). Pretty sure I need a fields_for in views/categories/_form.html & accepts_nested_attributes_for in category. A working repo would be tremendously helpful, instead of code snippets buried in many similar-but-not-same use case posts scattered throughout the intenet.