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I am interested in using this in a multi-tenant app. There is a hint at the fnordmetric.io site "Namespaces can be used to separate users if you are deploying FnordMetric as a white-label solution to your customers." I'd like to know how to do this dynamically in a running app so when a user creates an account an instance of fnordmetric is also setup and configured for him/her. I would appreciate any pointers on this.


I know it has been several months, but I get the same msg but doesn't seem to hurt anything in production. I'd just like to stop if from annoying me every time I do a rails s or c. Any progress on the issue?


Thank you Ryan. After struggling for a few days with Linode/Debian6/rvm/capistrano/passenger/enginx I gave up and followed this screencast to success in a couple of hours. I decided to follow exactly so my stack is the same as yours. I am sure I was doing terrible things with rvm. My brain isn't quite as large as Wayne's and rvm does a lot of magic with system commands such as cd. Even rvm implode didn't seem to uninstall without side effects. Hence the reinstall of the OS. I think rvm is powerful & useful and would love to see an in depth railscast on it.