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Comments by Joost Schuur


Why not simply move the images folder into the public directory? What's the downside of not having images go through the asset pipeline? Or rather, what's the benefit of using the asset pipeline for images too?

The main reason I can think of would be to always get the right path, regardless of which directory structure the app is installed in, but that seems like a relatively minor problem to have.


At first I thought this would be a way to display updates to an area of the screen when you fire off a long running task on the server from a specific web page and update the user about the progress. Say you wanted to keep the user informed about a process that reaches out to 4 or 5 other sources to assemble information, and you have a div where you want to report the status of each different source as it comes in. It doesn't sound like you'd use HTTP streaming for this though, right? Better to just use a combination of AJAX and JS here.