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GitHub User: MusikAnimal

Site: http://www.last.fm/user/archfiend997

Comments by Leon Ziemba


I'm having the same problem as @gaaady where you make an AJAX call (click on Comments), then hit browsers' back then hit forward (or vice versa), it just shows the JS. I have the exact same problem with my AJAX-heavy site, and I'm clueless, it can't differ between XHR and HTTP requests. Doesn't appear to happen in browsers that don't support history pushstate

So if you do find a fix for this.. it would be awesome to put this in a railscast or a gist! Thanks for all you do Ryan!


Hmm I'm not noticing this on Chrome 11 OSX?


Same here, I had a similar problem with my AJAX-heavy Rails app. For some reason it doesn't think it's an XHR request, prrretty sure it has something to do with the Javascript History pushstate, as it doesn't appear to happen in browsers not supporting it, Opera for example