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Are Time.zone or I18n.locale thread safe? They seem like class variables, but are used in most Rails apps.


Thanks Ryan. I was wondering if you had any tips for using assets in the JST templates?


Hey Ryan,

Is there any reason not to have the method missing check the @object first? As the presenters are usual about a particular model, and delegating a dozen items can be painful.

Something like:

 def method_missing(*args, &block)
    if @object.respond_to? *args[0]
      @object.send *args, &block
      @template.send *args, &block

Thanks for the great episode!


The show notes have 'views/articles/show.json.builder' as the one path, but it should be '.jbuilder'

Very timely episode. I'm implementing it now!


If nothing is running when I open a new tab (cmd + t) from ZSH, it is in the directory of the previous tab. However, if my rails server is running and I open a new tab, it defaults to my home directory. Any suggestions on how to get consistent behaviour? I would prefer to always have the previous tabs location.


I've actually forked off prawnto and merged all the fragmented branches into a gem. It's working well with Rails 3.1. I hope to continue development, so don't be shy about feature requests or contributions.

You can find it at https://github.com/forrest/prawnto


If anybody wants to use prawnto, it's become very out of date. I have tried to merge all the fragmented branches and update the code for rails 3.1. You can find the newest version with instructions and a wiki at https://github.com/forrest/prawnto.

Hope it helps!


Very excited to try it out. Thanks for the great episode!