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I see, but how do I intercept /auth/twitter ? it's not a common action and before_filters don't work.


I'm using Omniauth to authenticate at Twitter, but I have 2 apps registred with diferent names that I want to use depeding on the current locale(session scope).

So I need to change the provider key and secret defined at omniauth.rb file right before user calls auth/twitter( I was thinking to do a before_filter but auth/twitter is an external link to twitter and not a regular action) or a way to config Omniauth to define providers by locale instead of define for the entire application scope.

So how can I do that ? Any idea?


Very good!

Just one question: I saw in the end that it's possible to change app permission dinamically, is it possible to change app name too? It would be useful for I18n, I have an app that has a name associated to an idiom and another name for another idiom.