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Maximiliano Guzenski's Profile

GitHub User: maxguzenski

Site: http://www.guzenski.com.br

Comments by Maximiliano Guzenski


For me, AngularJS is perfect, everything just works with few code (I tried backbone, ember, pure jquery... and I didnt like anyone for this case).

I have a social network too, but I use angularJS just to chat... everything else is rails with pjax that I think is a better solution to this kind of webapp.

I use memcache (A LOT), my social network is below to 100ms per request, with more than 1,000 online users.

My chat uses nodejs on server, and it support xmpp/jabber as well. It is 50% socket.io and 50% node-xmpp.

Maybe, I'll opening it source. I dont know yet.

if you want, add me on gtalk: maxguzenski@gmail.com


Maybe Turbolinks is replacing your ng-app tag. If it is the case, you have to rebind angular with "angular.bootstrap(element[, modules]);"


Are you sure? I use pjax with Rails 3.1 and have a chat (like facebook) with angularJS... everthing just works.