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You may need to set the following in your environments/tests.rb file to avoid problems down the track:

config.cache_classes = !(ENV['DRB'] == 'true')

For some reason caching seemed to randomly kick in for one of my models while I was testing it and after that none of my changes to the model had any affect. I'm not the only one to have experienced this:

Perhaps I did something wrong, but I don't think so and changing that line fixed the problem.


I'm confused. Virtualbox already allows you to package up servers:

And do port forwarding or even give the server it's own IP address:

So the only thing I see Vagrant as providing is some very basic premade packages and a prettier command line interface to Virtualbox. Am I correct or is there something big I'm missing here??? Seriously want to know as I don't wish to miss something significantly better.

Side note: I wish it used Xen PV instead as that is actually difficult to configure, unlike VB.