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GitHub User: bradphelan

Site: xtargets.com

Comments by Brad Phelan


I am the author of jasminerice ( bias warning ). I just read of the evergreen docs. The difference seems to be that jasminerice is integrated for Ruby on Rails. If you are already using rails then jasminerice is probably what you want. If you are using javascript with something else or distributing javascript packages standalone then perhaps evergreen is for you.


There is a big win when using a ruby based DSL for SQL. For basic queries it doesn't make a huge difference but when building a complex data querying module being able to compose queries out of smaller pieces is very useful.

I built rocket_tag on top of squeel as an example of how to use complex query building techniques in rails.


I've used Squeel exclusively for developing my tagging library. Compared to acts as taggable on steriods the code is very readable.


It makes writing composable SQL a breeze.