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GitHub User: felipeelias

Site: flavors.me/felipeelias

Comments by Felipe Elias Philipp


I haven't tried yet, but it might work, I thinkg you just need to enable before filters for your API controllers.


There are few forks out there, but we're working in a branch for that. :-)


Right now, there's no way to customize controller behaviour specifically, but there's a branch which will allow you to do this.

There's also a pull request related to application customization (ownership). Feel free to comment on that, we need ideas :)


OAuth 2 is very strange at first sight. It was for me :-)

But, in the OAuth 2 spec site there's few diagrams that might help you, or check out the applications examples, like this one


The gem was updated with the fix for whitelist_attributes. Check out the version 0.3.4