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the community already fixed the token/code issue.
I added the view.


Thanks very much for covering Sorcery, Ryan.
I can't express how awesome it is to have a RailsCasts episode dedicated to a gem I've spent close to 9 months on...

Hopefully the community spotlight will help push the gem forward, which is much needed as work is crazy right now...

I like the logo... :)


I was talking about the interface the developer uses. The implementation under the hood is the same as ryan's.. or similarish. the point is that it is under the hood.


Personally, I find using a 'login' method that takes a username (or email if you like) and a password is shorter and nicer than 2 lines of first finding the user in the db and then checking for the password explicitly.

See my gem https://github.com/NoamB/sorcery for an example (wiki).


Great episode, and I've studied it while creating Sorcery https://github.com/NoamB/sorcery

so thanks.