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the community already fixed the token/code issue.
I added the view.


Thanks very much for covering Sorcery, Ryan.
I can't express how awesome it is to have a RailsCasts episode dedicated to a gem I've spent close to 9 months on...

Hopefully the community spotlight will help push the gem forward, which is much needed as work is crazy right now...

I like the logo... :)


I was talking about the interface the developer uses. The implementation under the hood is the same as ryan's.. or similarish. the point is that it is under the hood.


Personally, I find using a 'login' method that takes a username (or email if you like) and a password is shorter and nicer than 2 lines of first finding the user in the db and then checking for the password explicitly.

See my gem for an example (wiki).


Great episode, and I've studied it while creating Sorcery

so thanks.