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I would like to implement your "first case" example (with facebook) but I have been running into some issues with how to extend Ryan's method. Any help in how to setup the correct controller actions to essentially let someone merge their facebook uid into an existing user record?

Thanks in advance



In case anyone is interested, I was able to achieve this behavior outside of the controller, by just "clicking" the add_field buttons with js


This is working great for me except for one issue. I have SEVERAL nested models.

A workout has_many steps, a step has_many actions, an action has_many instructions. When I click to add a new step, I would like that step to be populated with on action fieldset, and that action fieldset, populated with one instruction fieldset. But it just renders the empty step fieldset, I have to click the "add action" and then the "add instruction" buttons for those to render. Does anyone know how to get all the nested fieldsets to render when I add a step?

Data Associations:

  • Workout

has_many steps

  has_many actions

     has_many instructions