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Comments by Adam Dratwinski


Setting @gridColumnWidth or @navbarHeight variables (dont know if any else), seems not working. Anyone has similar problems? Have any solutions for this?

And second question, how correctly i should use mixins? If I create products.css.less file and i want to use .box-shadow() property, 'less' returns errors that this function is not defined. That works if i put:

@import "twitter/bootstrap/bootstrap";
@import "twitter/bootstrap/responsive";

in product.css.less file but then i have this code defined twice.


@house9 if you like this shortcut, you can always try to use alt + left or alt + right, it should works on most browsers, anyway focus could be alt+s or just "s" like on the github


Hi ryan, it would be nice if you set focus on the search input, on the main page.