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I know this is an old episode but I wanted to clarify the path used for the pid. In the config/mailit.god file in the God.watch block you have this path for the pid:

  w.pid_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/log/workling.pid"

Is not the convention for pids to be put in the tmp folder? Like this:

  w.pid_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/workling.pid"

Hope you can reply...


Could you post the CSS for the menus? Or add to show notes?


I am using guard-rspec inside a vbox virtual machine (I cannot upgrade my Mac OS X 10.5.8 at this time, so this way I am developing on a virtual copy of the of the production OS, ubuntu 10).

Anyway it works great! But I would love to make use of guard-livereload.

Can anyone think of a way to have it both ways. IOW, running guard on the virtual machine and have it some how trigger livereload on my host MAc system?


I know this thread is a bit old, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to pass the page param through a link to the show page.

Say I have a paginated list of users and I click on the show link for a particular user to see the info for that user, OK. HOWEVER, when I click the "Back" link it just does the index page from the start, instead of the "page" that it was on.

So, I am not sure how to go about passing the page param back and forth between the show page and the index page.

This seems like something most everyone would want?...