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I'm getting the same error here. I think you need to edit your app on dev.facebook.com and change the website: site_url so that facebook knows where to redirect back to. I haven't figured out what magic needs to be here to get it to work but I'll keep trying.

Got it! Edit your app > website > site url:

This is working on my ubuntu box. You can figure out what url you need by looking at the url of the page that is giving you the error:


you can see that the redirect_uri =

HTH - Andrew


I'm creating an app to allow users to interact with all of their social networks. So, for my use case, I want users to authenticate with facebook, twitter, and linkedin. Anyway, that's why I need user to has_many :authentications.


I figured out what the issue was with the "uninitialized constant MultiJson". I just had to add:

> gem "multi_json"

to my Gemfile, bundle install, restart the server and now I'm all good :)


Thanks for the fantastic railscast! I've found a minor bug that I was wondering if anyone could explain to me - I'm a rails newb so I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge. When the authentications_controller hits the line:

> render :text => request.env['omniauth.auth'].inspect

The error is:

> NameError in AuthenticationsController#create -
uninitialized constant MultiJson

But, I can print the env information to the logger if I don't try to render the text. Here's a gist of the complete code snippet with the logger lines, which pass, and the render line, which fails:


Any idea on what's going on here?